About ECCA

ECCA has been assisting business with payroll services since 1975. Initially founded as a service bureau that handled payroll and data processing for local companies, ECCA’s payroll business has expanded to become one of the largest independent payroll providers in the tri-state area. 

Over the past 35 years, ECCA has focused on being customer-centric, paying close attention to detail, and developing world-class technology that enables you to worry less about payroll and more about what really matters to you - growing your business and providing an excellent customer experience.

In addition to offering payroll and business solutions, ECCA provides a business process improvement solution for mutual insurance companies that enables them to focus on sales, service and operational efficiency instead of rating and policy management.

It is also a leading provider of food bank software, and offers a fully integrated, application software suite that helps food banks manage all aspects of their operations, including inventory management, reporting, accounting, marketing, and more.